Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

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Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues Empty Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

Post  mim on Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:19 pm

Hi guys,

We have had some upheavals in the last couple of weeks. I will not list them all here, except to state for those who do not know yet that Humanman has left the guild as well. He has moved to guild Event.

In the light of all these changes, which have been somewhat overwhelming, I have developed a set of issues that I feel we need to discuss this Thursday.

All of the issues I have put down are open to discussion and are not to be considered final. However, after our Thursday Guild meet, I will amend these notes accordingly and they will be considered final and binding. If you are not able to attend, please post comments on forum so that they can be taken in account in discussion.

If anyone wants to post comments prior to the meeting for better discussion, it would be more than welcome as well Smile

1. Our alternative option – is apparently not going to work, and I feel we should push forward and try to progress as a guild.

2. Guild management

a) I cannot do it alone, nor do I want to. I need two officers. And I need them now. I will not appoint anyone before at least asking them.

b) Any and all suggestions and ideas are welcome. If anyone thinks things can be done in a different or a better way, I would appreciate having a conversation with them, and hearing different ideas about our guilds way forward.

c) If someone would like a challenge, I could offer them the lovely post of GM. I have to say I’m not really happy with getting to be GM, and I do not think I’m the best person for the position.

3. Kara readiness and what to do to get there

We are really close to setting foot in that place again; however, we will need to invest time in next couple of days for this purpose. I hope we can get this Friday at least to try and bring Attumen down bounce

The folks that need to be attuned are: Tarik, Lopovko, Thealis, Elun and Belkers. Everyone else is attuned. First four only need a Durnholde / BM run, while I have to admit to not being sure at what stage Belkers is rigt now Sad (bad GM).

All blues (lvl 70 blues and role appropriate) are required; with a few greens acceptable (they can be often better than blues).

Healers and tanks especially, but everyone else as well need to visit wow armory and appropriate forums / sites to check where better gear drops, and put up runs in calendar - so we can go and hopefully get them equipped. Please try to pool runs as much as you can. Priority will be given to needs for runs of healers and tanks.

If the gear is crafted, then we need to see what mats are needed and what we can get in guild to get you ready.

As well, if you need JC / enchanting – ask in guild again. Had has all JC recipes and Rambo can cover I think almost all enchanting requirements as well Very Happy

4. Kara run organization issues

a) Raid leader - who will be the raid leader? Btw - only a person that uses a mic / is wiling to use a mic is possible - someone typing instructions is impossible in that setting. As a side note, everyone must have wow chat enabled at least to listen in, and possibly scream for help / give warnings.

b) 2 tanks, 3 healers, rest DPS is the usual Kara setting, and I do not see a reason for us to change the accepted formula. No more than 2 of any DPS class, and crowd control is very necessary there, thus we need to have at least 3 CC options to get through it with less pain.

c) Runs themselves. Option 1 - I thought to break up Kara to have everyone have a chance to get in. Either in one night, or set it up over several days. Like - Attumen on Friday at 8 pm, Moroes at 9? Or one on Firday, other on Saturday. Option 2 – we all sign up, and in those classes where too many people want to go they get to roll. Then this group goes for the whole Kara run for that week– ofc, as much as we will be able to accomplish. Next week, the roll losers get to go, or we roll again.

For progression runs the Raid leader will have the authority to hand pick people and classes that are needed to bring a particular boss down. I do not think we are in this stage yet, but this is my plan for future.

d) Overaggro rules - everyone must have Omen, and set the flashing warning at 90 or 100% percent. You hit 90 / 100% - you try and drop aggro, then dps again. You hit 90 / 100% and have no way to drop aggro - stop dps or use low agro skills till tank gets more agro, unless the boss/mob is at its last breath. If you are constantly overaggroing the tank and making yourself a liability - you are not raiding till you prove you can control your aggro.

e) Prepare for raid
- Flasks vs. pots. Pots are cheaper, but you loose buff when dead. It is possible that in the end you will use up more pots and spend more than a flask costs. I would advise everyone to use flasks for better value, but it is you decision in the end. However, you must be buffed, no matter what you chose. I will not list here who must use what, I presume you know what it is you need.
- buff foods: +sta, +spell damage, + healing, + mp5,+ AP, + agi. Bring enough – a stack of 10 should take you through our first run easily.
- Health pots / mana pots – I would say bring between 5 – 10 of each. Can recommend mighty restoration pot for mana classes.
- short term buff pots should be though about too - they give you a 30 sec significant increase in damage and do not take the place of elixirs / flasks (haste, strength, spell damage etc).
- swiftness potion can be recommended for situation when you think you can outrun mobs in case of wipe
- various scrolls are also recommended, but you do not have to beggar yourself for them. They are a good additional buff, but can be done without.

If you provide the mats, I can make most alchemy stuff.

f) Loot – no DKP system will be implemented. Everyone who needs an item will ask for it, and we roll. If it’s a minor upgrade for someone, and a major upgrade for someone else, I would prefer equipping the less well geared person. MT should get the preference for tanking loot, and tanks should get preference in general for anything they need.

5. Other issues

a) I strongly recommend Mech runs for first three badges as much as possible – there will be new badges gear, and the mini bosses will stop dropping them when patch comes in. There will be one badge from the legion cache in Mech, but its still 1 badge less for the easy part of run. As well, Mech heroic is place where the Suneater drops.

b) Patch is coming on 13th of November. I will get us a guild bank and get the first tab open (good for 98 items). We can discuss the use of bank and what should be stored there on Thursday, but I think it will be too much of stuff for us for 1 meeting, and a bit premature.

Well, I hope your eyes have survived this amount of text study


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Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues Empty Re: Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

Post  Hadrian on Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:31 pm

All I can say is, wow, nice job. Very good post Mim. I can not add much to your ideas, nor open myself for any guild/raid responsibility position, but I can agree with all you have said. Don't know if I will be able to come to the meeting, I promise I will try.

We need a more aggressive recruitment, but that can not be handled by one person. All of you guys, if you are in a party with some good player and if that good player is not in a guild or in some unknown guild, try to get them. Talk to them about their guild doing Kara, tell them about the nice, Kara experienced people we have and about our plans to start Kara as soon as we get few more people. Then, when you get someone, ask Mim to invite them as soon as possible. While I'm for not recruiting idiots, we can recruit them and kick them if they make it obvious to us they are idiots. Risks should be taken. Smile


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Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues Empty Re: Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

Post  Ramboid on Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:48 pm

Lithy and me will be not online at that time so...

You can count on me Mim, to help how much I can, as a simple footman, ofc:)

You wrote it down all we need to know and I support You 100%! Just to notice; I admit, I would like to see bigger instances, but in case I do not see them, so what? I can still have fun here.
In case of Karaz, I will take my time, no hurry... More important is to have peace in game and have fun with you guys!

Kiss, Dome


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Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues Empty Re: Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

Post  Gelldorf on Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:13 pm

I know i'm not in the guild with my main anymore but Mim makes some good points you ALL should be responsible for recruitment if you see someone who is good and available /w a sweet word in their ear.

As for responsibility it was kind of an unwritten rule in the beginning that the guild is a democracy so Mim should not be held responsible when things go wrong as it is normally down to circumstances beyond her or anyones control e.g. Me, Humanman & Febo leaving the guild "what does not kill you makes you stronger"

As for Steadfast I have also been reading on forums and a mass influx of people seems against guild policy Sad
I will explain more later.



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Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues Empty Re: Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

Post  Lithian on Thu Nov 08, 2007 10:20 pm


I will not be able to stay on meeting, so I'll write my ideas here.

1. I'm not too much into riding anyway so I don't mind stay in small guild that goes to heroics and have fun, if we go to Kara, it will be ok but I can live without it.

2. I can always give advice from my experiance.

3.and 4. kara raid- well, organisation of raid can be easy if all raid members are relaxed and really wanna play for fun, but most of time this is not situation, so I hope someone in guild will have enough good will and diplomacy to make it for all ppl that like to raid.

Good luck on meeting



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Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues Empty Re: Thursday discussion notes - Kara and management issues

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