Raiding Days and Loot Rules

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Raiding Days and Loot Rules Empty Raiding Days and Loot Rules

Post  Cenedra on Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:23 am

To Stop any future problems the officers have decided to lay down the following rules whilest raiding:

***Raiding Days***

1. The first raiding day will now be on Wednesday (reset day) this is for the newer members of the guild, this is to kill the easier bosses e.g. attumen/moroes/maiden, gain better equipment and learn to raid as a team, once satisfied with your gear and your involvement within the raid group you may move onto harder bosses.

2. The next raiding day will be Saturday (clean up day) this will be for the better geared and more progressed players, we go in and kill the harder bosses which need better tactics. The beginners can join these groups when they have better gear and shown they can handle the harder bosses.

3. Finally, Tuesday nights (new bosses/Zul'Aman) this will begin as a day where we clear any remaining bosses on farm, and attempt a new boss, if all bosses were downed on saturday, we shall attempt Zul'Aman. This will also require our best geared teams.

Please be aware, im not trying to be unfair on the new raiders, alot of the bosses in Karazhan need better gear, full blues are not enough. by killing the first few bosses and gaining a few better loot items this will allow you to survive on the harder bosses e.g. nightbane/prince/illhoof.

***Raid Character Selection***

I will be selecting teams from guild calender, sign up to the day you will be assigned via your gear, everyone will be inspected and listed into groups under the day they can raid (wed/sat/tue). Raids will be at 8CET on all 3 days (this will be found under "Groups" also in the near future).

(encase you dont understand)

Example: Someone has just joined the guild, they download guild calender, they sign up for karazhan on wednesday, saturday and tuesday... they are likely to be selected on tuesday to learn, they are not going to be selected for saturday or tuesday, thats for the experienced and well geared players.

What if theres not enough beginners?
Then i will open spaces to the other raiders and allow them to come to the easier bosses. but primary selection goes to new members.

How do i make this selection fair?
im going to record also how many times each player has been to Karazhan under "Groups", so i can select some members over others to make everyone have an even chance of raiding. Granted, tanks and healers may have to be selected and will be more frequent as they are rarer to find but i will make sure its kept fair.

If you sign up for a raid and do not turn up, you will be given a warning. After 3 non-shows you will be put only as a reserve for 2 weeks (this means you can only raid if were short and online!). If you sign up and know you cant come, please in-game whisper or in-game mail me with 12hour notice so you can be replaced! if you cant, it will count as a non-show.

***Raid loot distribution***

We are using a roll system on bosses, i will link one item at a time, it is rolled on and priority is given under these conditions:

1. If the item is intended for your Class + Spec. e.g. Cloth healing -> Holy Priests
2. If no-one of the right Class + Spec wants it, its offered to others with the right Spec. e.g. Cloth healing -> Resto Druids then Resto Shaman then Holy Paladins.
3. If no-one of the right Spec wants it, it is offered to classes which can use it as an alternative set role. e.g. Cloth healing -> Shadow Priests / Balance/Feral Druids / Elemental/Enhancement Shaman / Protection Paladins.
4. If there is no-one who wants it, the item is disenchanted and but into guild bank.

Random Greens and Blues that drop? greens will be looted like whites and greys, picked up on your loot turn. Blue items will be rolled 1-10 and given to the person who's numbered appropriately down MY list (lists varie per person).

hopefully you can understand all this Very Happy
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Raiding Days and Loot Rules Empty Re: Raiding Days and Loot Rules

Post  Tarik on Sat Dec 01, 2007 1:32 pm

Perfectly clear, smart and reasonable cheers

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