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Bank Crafting project Empty Bank Crafting project

Post  mim on Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:20 pm

As agreed yesterday, we will have crafting projects in order to gear up guildies.

Please post here your best craftables, so that we pick one each week (and if we are successful, more) to make for a guildie.
Those craftables are - your BoE purple craftables and Resistance gear.

As well, this post will be expanded to include the craftables recipees that we will outsource out of guild. At time time i lack energy to go and dig them out for your perusal Smile

the priority for gearing up will be given to tanks / healers - then everyone else

This means I expect tanks / healers to actually say what do they need.



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Bank Crafting project Empty Re: Bank Crafting project

Post  Lithian on Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:09 pm

Hi there

The best of Lithian:
tailoring Runic spellthread Spellstrike pants Soulcloth vest Cloak of arcane evasion

[url][/url] Flask of blinding light Flask of fortification Flask of pure death Flask of chromatic wonder

The best of Nara: Gyro-balanced khorium destroyer khorium scope

My shaman can do: Enchant chest- major resiliance Enchant boots- vitality

kiss flower


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