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Post  skittllez on Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:22 am

Personal Details

Character Details
Race:Night Elf(Male)
Armour info (blue/green/epic):EPIC

Other Details

Q:Why do you wish to join Outcasts?
A:Because they seem like a good group of guys and seems like a good raiding guild.

Q:What guilds have you been in previously?
A:The Fremen Knights,Tease,Clutch and Till Death.

Q:What was your reason for leaving them?
A:Too much drama and i dont like the DKP system.

Q:What would you like from this guild?
A:Have a good time and to do some raiding.

Q:What past raiding experience have you had?
A:Naxx,Maly,Vault and 2 drakes up Sarth

Q:Do you have any Alternative Characters? if so please list them:
A:No,not worth mentioning.

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