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Post  mim on Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:50 pm

We have now two tabs in the guild bank opoen for use.

I've posted here the rules regulating the guild bank use and access to it.

GM is responsible for the bank. Weekly clean ups of bank space will be conducted to keep it organized and tight.

Every rank including alts can deposit in bank and can see bank contents.

All donations to the bank are wellcome, bearing in mind we want to use it to gear up people Smile

TAB 1 - stuff

Every rank in the guild has access to this tab, and can withdraw up to two items a day.

This tab is to be used for:
Green items
Buff food
Low level recipees and mats
Lower level pots and pots that ar enot used for raiding
Armor kits (any level)
Reputation items to be used by everyone mains have priority
Lower level books and codexes
Anything else that could be useful, and is not particularly rare

TAB 2 - other stuff

Officers have the right to withdraw items and money from this tab. In case a guildie needs something, contact GM/Officer for the item/items/funds.

This tab contains:
Darkmoon cards
BoE Blue items
High level / rare recipees
High level crafting mats - ore, jewels, motes, primals, herbs and enchanting mats
Flasks / pots for raiding

The bank tab two will be used for two main purposes. First is to provide consumables for raids, and second is to help in making gear for guildies. We will have weekly crafting projects in order to help gear out raiders.

A separate post in the Raiding area is going to detail the herbs and other mats needed to make consumables for raids. Another post in Crafting will open up our weekly crafting project topic.

Guild crafters - we have decided not to have designated guild crafers. Proffessions are all listed on players notes. Please contact the players for any particular crafting need. DO NOT PAY FOR CRAFTED ITEMS. None of us minds spending a few seconds to make an item, and save you some gold.

Please let me know if i forgot anything in this post.


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Guild bank Empty Re: Guild bank

Post  mim on Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:37 am

Updated 12/12/07


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